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VARDEX Threading Tips provide technical tips and practical solutions for common thread milling and thread turning applications.

Become a threading professional, or just polish up your threading skills!
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Vargus Tips

Index of Vargus Tips

TT Tips Thread Turning Tips
TM tips Thread Milling Tips
General Threading Tips General Threading Tips
Directory of all Tips issues Directory of All Tips
Thread Turning Tips

Threading Tough Materials 
Threading a Slotted Workpiece
Poor Chip Flow in Thread Turning Operations
Use Flank Infeed to Reduce Load and Chattering.
Use the Correct Anvil for an Optimal Cut....
Machine Outwards, From Chuck to Tail, When Machining Internal Threads.
Increase productivity, Use a threading insert with multiple teeth in mass production.
How do Multi-tooth inserts work?
What is the difference between Multi-tooth and improved Multi+ inserts?
For optimal operation, use the Depth of Cut recommended for your application
What is the difference between VARDEX standard inserts and REDLINE inserts?
Which toolholder should be used for REDLINE inserts?
REDLINE insert applications.
REDLINE grades.
Thread Turning - Types of Passes
Are all 6 corners of the V6 Insert identical? 
Can standard thread turning holders be used with V6?
Can the bottom side of the V6 non-cutting side be damaged during machining? 
What are the advantages of the MicrOscope locking system (microlock)?
Why does micrOscope provide better surface finish than a tap?
MicrOscope can be used in a wide variety of applications.
Can I use a tap to thread different diameters?
Thread Milling Tips

Understanding thread profile distortion in Thread Milling
Parameters that influence thread profile distortion
How to avoid profile distortion in coarse pitch applications
Use same tool to make left-hand and right-hand threads.
Control the thread length more easily when thread milling.
Use the largest possible thread mill tool for long threads. 
Use the new VARDEX MITM thread mills to reduce machining time.
In thru-hole applications, use solid thread mills with radial coolant exits.
Thread mills with fewer teeth reduce machine load.
Use thread milling tools to machine threads on large and non symmetrical
       components - Save tooling costs!
To machine a wide variety of thread diameters - use just one thread mill instead
       of a large number of taps.
A tool for EVERY thread milling job!
When thread milling a long thread, use the Axial Divided tool movement method.
When thread milling a thread that is only 2 pitches longer than the insert
       use the Continuous Cutting Path method.
Threading very small holes? Use MilliPro thread mills in continuous path method
Use climb milling operation for Thread Milling machining
Take 2 passes to complete thread when thread milling hard materials
Beware, in circular movement the feed rate at the cutting edge (F1) is faster than
       at the center (F2)
Use RH and LH thread milling tool holders correctly.
How to preset a conical tool when using the TM Gen CNC program.
Reduce the cutting load with a conical pre-drilled hole.
In circular movement , the feed at the center of the tool,
       and the feed at the cutting edge are not equal
Some controllers refer to the feed at the center
       and some to the feed at the cutting edge
Find out how the machine controller refers to the "F" command                             
For maximum rigidity in long threads, use MITM Shell Mill 
The optimal tool overhang is easily attainable using an MiTM Shell Mill holder 
Use an MiTM Shell Mill for the fastest possible machining of large and long threads
To achieve highest stability and accuracy, use a thread milling tool with the largest  
       possible diameter and minimum overhang 
Use a single-point insert to reduce tool load
For fast machining of deep threads use a multi-flute thread milling tool
Use cooling thru when threading deep holes 
MilliPro HD for thread milling small holes in very hard materials  holes 
MilliPro HD is a left-handed tool
Use the tangential arc approach as the infeed method in thread milling
Using a tool with a similar cutting diameter results in shorter machining time
Question: Which tool will result in shorter machining time?

General Threading Tips
Thread designation and thread nominal diameter can be different.
Small UN threads are not defined by thread value.
What is the difference between UNC, UNF & UNEF?

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